Author of medical mystery and mayhem
(with just a touch of pathological humor)
A Deadly Homecoming

This will become the new page for my upcoming 6th Toni Day Mystery, A Deadly Homecoming.

Here's what it's all about.

Pathologist Toni Day returns to her hometown of Long Beach, California. Her mother’s best friend Doris’s husband Dick has disappeared, and Doris has moved in with Toni’s mother and stepfather, convinced that the historic house she shared with Dick is haunted. To make things even more complicated, Doris is also suffering from a mysterious illness.

When Toni and Hal arrive, Doris takes a sudden turn for the worse and ends up in the hospital in a coma. While doctors struggle to diagnose and treat, Toni explores the historic house looking for clues, and finds evidence suggesting that Dick may not be who he seems, as well as a malfunctioning dumbwaiter, a laird’s lug, a secret staircase, and a half-empty bottle of white arsenic. She also finds Dick’s body.

Toni embarks on a whirlwind investigation revealing insurance fraud, identity theft, and serial murder reaching back at least four decades, while struggling to convince doctors that Doris is suffering from chronic arsenic poisoning. The Long Beach police, not accustomed to Toni’s unorthodox methods of crime-solving, are skeptical of her conclusions until Toni herself nearly becomes the final victim.

As of today, Aug 5, 2018, Deadly Homecoming is through the editing process and moving on to Cover Copy Polish, followed by proofreading and cover and interior design. Then they have to send me a physical copy for me to read and approve, and then, and only then, can it be released for printing.

It has received Editor's Choice, making it the 4th of my books to do so.