Author of medical mystery and mayhem
(with just a touch of pathological humor)
Murder Under the Microscope

Murder Under the Microscope is a murder mystery set in a small rural hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho. The story is told in the first person by the pathologist, Toni Day, M.D. Toni is not a forensic pathologist, not a medical examiner, and doesn't deal with murder as a rule; but in this story she finds herself not only involved, but accused, and must solve the mystery to keep herself out of jail and not get murdered herself.

"There was a dead body in my office. It wasn't mine, and I didn't put it there."

Dr. Antoinette Day, a young and successful pathologist in a small rural hospital, had no idea what she was in for when a beautiful female general surgeon came to the hospital to fill in for a colleague recovering from a heart attack.

The newcomer makes Toni's life a living hell while taking every opportunity to discredit her with her other medical colleagues. When the surgeon is conveniently murdered, Toni is the obvious suspect, especially since the body is found in her office.

Now Toni finds herself in the position of having to solve the murder to keep from being convicted of it herself. The last thing she needs is to have a former boyfriend show up and start stalking her and threatening her husband.

Stubbornly, Toni continues to delve into the mysteries surrounding the deceased and soon finds that it's not just her freedom that's at stake, but her life.