Author of medical mystery and mayhem
(with just a touch of pathological humor)
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Murder Under the Microscope
by Jane Bennett Munro
reviewed by Carol Davala

"'Nobody is above suspicion in the eyes of the law,' Elliot said pompously. 'Sometimes it's the last freakin' person you'd suspect.'"

Jane Bennett Munro has taken her 30-plus years experience as a hospital pathologist and her love of mystery novels, and intertwined them into an exciting new career. The result is an engaging whodunit that revolves around Toni Day Shapiro, a smart, inquisitive, and determined pathologist working in the fictional Perrine Memorial Hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho. From the story's opening line, "There was a dead body in my office. It wasn't mine, and I didn't put it there," Munro's first person approach and hint of humor draw readers directly into the mystery of Toni's being framed for the murder of a visiting physician.

Each chapter brings a new dimension to the plot, ultimately to include a stalking ex-boyfriend, a stolen identity, a hit-n-run, kidnapping, rape, bigamy, embezzlement, and suicide. Simultaneously, Munro opens chapters with great little quotes that smartly set the tone for ensuing action.  From Shakespeare to Agatha Christie's "Every murderer is probably somebody's old friend," the words ring true. Characters are prevalent, from hospital staff to lawyers and detectives. Toni's English "Mum," with a penchant for making lists, pleasantly helps Toni and readers alike put all the facts in perspective.             

Munro clearly draws upon her personal pathology expertise to finely detail hospital and lab activities and settings. While the crimes within the storyline are often dangerous and/or deadly, the author stylistically refrains from gratuitous explanations of violence, beyond their necessity to the investigation. In true mystery style, the writer keeps us guessing. Munro's book is well-crafted with steady pacing that keeps readers turning pages, analyzing suspects, and looking for answers, right along with Toni.                             Murder Under the Microscope is an exemplary first novel. Here the author presents a likeable main character and the necessary quality elements that draw readers to  mystery and make it such an enjoyable literary genre.


I love a good mystery, and one that takes place among medical personal is always an added bonus. We meet Toni, a pathologist, and a very good one. Toni’s life becomes complicated when Dr. Sally Shore arrives to fill in for an ailing colleague. Let’s just say Toni and Sally were not the best of friends.Why Dr. Shore is against Toni is a mystery that leads to more mystery. Now the plot thickens when Dr. Shore turns up dead, her body found in Toni’s office and suspicion turns her way, is she the guilty one? More is added into the mix for poor Toni, as her ex-boyfriend begins to stalk her and threatens her husband’s life. How much can this poor girl take? What a ride!
I have to say this book was great. The main character won my heart right from the beginning. The author did a great job in her character development, drawing you into the life of Toni. Ms. Munro also brought the rest of the players to the mind’s eye, their looks, their personalities, yet keeping hidden their true intents, until just the right moment to expose them. The plot of the story was well laid out, moving you along, keeping you guessing and bringing you deeper and deeper until the final conclusion. Shocking!Very good read with all the elements you expect to find and more. Recommended.
Shirley Johnson/Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review