Author of medical mystery and mayhem
(with just a touch of pathological humor)
The Body on the Lido Deck

New mystery novel finds pathologist solving grisly murder aboard cruise ship

Author Jane Bennett Munro announces fifth book in Toni Day mystery series, ‘The Body on the Lido Deck’

TWIN FALLS, Idaho – In author Jane Bennett Munro latest mystery novel, “The Body on the Lido Deck: A Toni Day Mystery” (published by iUniverse), a seasoned pathologist is forced to solve a horrific crime with roots going back 30 years after a mangled body practically lands on her lap during a Caribbean cruise. “The Body on the Lido Deck” is the fifth book in the Toni Day mystery series.


In the book, pathologist Toni Day is reading on the Lido Deck when a horribly mangled body hits the deck right in front of her. She teams up with her stepfather, Nigel, and Scotland Yard to try to solve the murder with resistance by the captain and the Royal Barbados Police Force. With only two days left in the cruise, Toni and Nigel set a trap to smoke out the killer before the cruise ends and all the evidence sails away on another cruise, placing Toni directly in the killer’s path.


Wound within a tight mystery drama is an exploration of the human psyche; the story highlights the lengths to which some people will go to hide their secrets, no matter how extreme. Filled with self-depreciative humor, Munro hopes readers will be entertained and wowed by Toni’s expertise in solving a grisly murder aboard a glamorous cruise ship.


“The Body on the Lido Deck”

By Jane Bennett Munro

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 290 pages | ISBN 9781491795507

E-Book | 290 pages | ISBN 9781491795514

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Jane Bennett Munro, MD, is a semiretired hospital-based pathologist with nearly 4 decades of experience. She earned her medical degree from the University of California, Irvine, and is board certified in anatomical and clinical pathology. Munro resides in Twin Falls, Idaho. More information is available at www.janebennettmunro.com.






Twin Falls pathologist Toni Day is on a Caribbean cruise with her husband and parents when she is jerked out of a peaceful slumber by a horrific scream. After several unsuccessful attempts to reclaim sleep, Toni heads to the ship’s deck to read. But shortly after the sun rises, everything changes when a mangled body plummets from the roof into the pool next to her. Rather than flee in horror, Toni teams up with her stepfather, Nigel, and Scotland Yard to investigate the murder, despite resistance from the captain and the Royal Barbados Police. With just three days left in the cruise, Toni and Nigel must work fast, especially when two more bodies are discovered and a crew member is fatally injured. As Toni delves into the histories of crew members, she uncovers mysterious connections that lead back nearly three decades. Finally, with only one night remaining, Toni and Nigel must set a trap in a last ditch attempt to find the killer before one of them becomes the final victim.


This is the fifth in the Toni Day Mystery series, and different from the other four in that pathologist Toni Day is not in Twin Falls, or even in Idaho, but out of the country completely, in the middle of the ocean, obliged to solve a murder without her usual support system.


Twin Falls Center for the Arts

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BOOK SIGNING scheduled for November 5, 2016, at Barnes & Noble, Twin Falls, Idaho.

Jane Bennett Munro will also be present at Artists and Authors on the Rim, scheduled for December 3 at the Twin Falls Center for the Arts, see address above.